Sunday, December 6, 2009

My grandsons were over for the weekend.  I was busy on the computer while they were watching a video.  I turned around to see what they were up to and they had stacked themselves on the couch...this was a precious rare moment and I had a fully charged battery  on my camera.  I was so happy to get one picture where none of them had a goofy face (though I love those, too).   34 years ago when we were looking forward to their dads first Christmas I couldn't have imagined I would be getting these guys to enjoy future Christmas with.  My cup runneth over. 


  1. Oh Anita, how precious is the picture - how precious are they!!!

  2. What a wonderful picture! And I know how rare it is to catch ONE boy on camera without him making a goofy face, let alone four. What a lucky Grandma you are!

  3. My gosh how they all look like Arron when he was that age! How sweet!!

  4. Oh, my! Adorable.

    And many congrats on getting your doll published in Doll Quarterly. :-)


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