Sunday, January 16, 2011

" Hope is hearing the melody of the future.
                      Faith is to dance to it."               Dutch Sheets
Tis the season to make HEARTS...a short but sweet time of the year when Montana is covered in a blanket of white sparkles.    Spring is so near that she trys to pull me out of this moment of time with her allure of green sprouts pushing through the snow and the colors of tulips and jonquils dotting my  yard.  But life is short and I am making hearts...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blessings for the new year...


What a difference a day la la.  Somehow stepping across the threshold into a new year feels all filled with hope.  It is just another day, really, just like a crisp new dollar bill spends like an old worn one, but still, it feels better somehow,  in your hand.  I make a handful of resolutions every year.   Some I manage to keep for a while then slip back into the me I would like to not be...  But, faithfully, every year I have renewed hope that I will somehow become the lovely person I invision I could be...Perhaps this will be the year that my glass slippers will appear by the hearth.