Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gift

Late last afternoon  Mr. Humpty went off to his new home with Lea.  Lea is one of those people swirls into your life and makes you feel like you are the most amazing creation on earth.  When she leaves you feel your heat has been opened.  She gives me so much that my heart has to open in order to recieve the bounty of her generosity.  This is how it goes...She comes in with a couple of bottles of my favorite wine  ( I had made a simple suggestion that she might like to try this wine and she remembered)  Some people might remember and bring you a bottle but she   brings two.    I should mention , she is like a piece of art that you have to look at for a moment to take her all in.  This day Lea had on a most beautiful scarf she knitted ( did I mention she is incredibly talented, too?)  and I admired it, of course... Then we went on a mini tour of my new auction finds and my work room and she started plastering over all the cracks in my self confidence and tightening up a few loose screws so I didn't feel so wobbly about starting this new venture.  As she left she put a bunch of money in my hand for Humpty and wrapped her beautiful scarf around my neck and put a loaf of ginger cake in my hand (YUM...she is an amazing cook, too).  I was overwhelmed to say the least.  Today I have been walking around with the scarf wrapped across my heart...and from time to time I just bury my face into the beautiful homespun wool and smells like love.


  1. wow, beautiful gift indeed.
    loved reading this!!

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  3. What a treasure to have such a friend!

  4. Beautiful, Beautiful! So happy to 'meet' you here via Jackie.

  5. Wow, a scarf and ginger cake Yea, what a nice person.

    Good luck on dressing up your dress form. I use my forms in my booth for display, but put a price on it just in case someone wanted to buy it!!

  6. This is you Anita! I tried to leave you a message on your new blog. But my google account is messed up and won't let me. I did follow you.
    What's funny is the comment above this one is my friend Carol who I had lunch with a few weeks ago! She lives here in Orlando! I think it's a small blogland!
    I'm so glad we stopped at your shop.
    Can't wait to send my friends in!
    See you in July!


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