Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lavender Sachets in Ninepatch

I had a tumble on the ice recently.  Fortunately I caught myself by hanging onto the door handle, unfortunately I pulled the muscles across by back and shoulders. So I have been on light duty for about a week now.  Yesterday I just HAD to do something fun so I made these simple lavender sachets from  old quilt blocks.  The fabric looks like civil war era fabric and they could be that old.  They were never used .  I like to think about them being stored away for so many first from home to home ...drawers to trunks to boxes of people who knew their history and what hands made them or whose dress that was.  I wonder if some of the fabric was a flour sack.  I would have looked through all of the sacks of flour and picked my favorite print.  I think these loving thoughts as I handle this small piece of history.  I think, at least for today, the ninepatch is my favorite.  I imagine a young girl sitting by a window on a wintery day. She carefully picks the two materials she will make her block from.  Her stitches aren't perfect and the corners of her little squares don't always meet.  Her iron sits at the back of the cookstove to keep hot , but not so hot that it will scorch the whites....


  1. Anita, so sorry about your friends son! Such a hard, hard thing.

    My niece took her life last year. The one year mark just a few weeks away. The hopelessness people feel breaks my heart!! For there is hope!!

  2. Hi Anita, I hope you are feeling better, I know it can take some time for pulled muscles to heal.

    Lovely sachets, I bet the smell wonderful.

  3. I saw your posting on Cart Before the Horse and thought I would wish you a Happy Birthday today! :-) Deb


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