Monday, October 26, 2009

 I was recently  brought to rememberance of a woman who impacted my childhood. Her name was Mary Ann Freeman. Every summer she would come to teach the childrens church at the Normal (yes that is the name of the town ) Holiness Campmeeting. She was an evangelist. She was so vibrant, a regular pied piper. She had all of the noisy instruments from sticks to tamborines and cymbols.  It was so fun to rummage through her big  leather suitcase for our favorite instrument of praise and then march around the open sanctuary making a JOYFUL noise. Before the childrens meeting she would go out and pick up kids in her car. Note, this was before seat belts. Her car would be packed full of noisy children wiggling and laughing. I was camping with my family on the grounds but she would take me out with her on these forays. When the car was bursting at the seams with kids she would stuff me between herself and the door. Oh, I felt special when MaryAnn was in town. Once she took me shopping and purchased a store bought dress for me. It was about 50 years ago but I can still remember...  how beautiful and oh the joy! Thanks Mary Ann for making one little girl feel so special.

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  1. What an adorable little girl.

    What a wonderful story.


  2. In case you haven't guessed was seeing your full name that brought this wonderful old memory

  3. Sweet are our memories of those who have this kind of impact on young lives. Thanks for sharing Mary Ann.


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