Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soon You're Gone

Yesterday I had a house painting job which gave me hours of MIND time. Oh no! With Michael, my baby, gone away to college I find myself reflecting over the past 34 years of a noisy active home. His room echos. I remembered a poem I wrote as a young, very busy mom about 22 years ago. I searched through all the years of papers, kids art, (more tears) momentos and finally found this poem written about an experience I had with Aaron, my firstborn. He now has a beautiful wife and four sons.

spirals sweetly
down the dark staircase
fires back in reply



What do you want?
will you come talk with me

feet grudgingly
trudge up
each step reminding
dishes stacked
like counter skyscrapers
work to do
calling me

small arms reach
out from the darkness
pulling me
to the brush of a kiss

He carries my thoughts
over the mountains
and across the valleys
of his day

I drift
to a time
soon to come
when with strong arms
he'll pull another
to his heart
sharing greater dreams

lying in the darkness
eyes wander across
years of toys
lit by a narrow crack
of streetlight through curtain

love worn bear sits
gathering dust in the shadows
You'll be next


  1. Why, Esther! You are multi-talented! This poem is absolutely wonderful and deeply stirring. I like what you've done with your blog heading too...very nice. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. LOL! I just noticed your REAL name is Anita...and not Esther! lol ah well! too late to change my first post now......

  3. To know God is to look into your eyes Anita Mae Agnes. Look into the mirror and behold the beauty of God that is there. I see it everytime I look into those eyes. I feel God everytime I remember what those eyes look like seeing back into mine. I have known you so many years. This poem is so beautiful. It speaks of the depths in your soul, the emotions a Mother who loves her children feels. When I look into your eyes I see a woman who is Enough. Beautiful Enough, Smart Enough, Talented Enough, Funny Enough, Creative Enough, Everything Enough. I thank God Every Day for the gift of you in my life. You are a huge part of my beingness!! I love you!


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